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Coveting: Rocketbook Smart Reusable Notebook

Photo of Rocketbook

Ok, I have not bought this but I am super tempted because it looks cool as hell. Granted, my handwriting is so bad it ruins anything that has to do with handwriting, but I feel like it might be cool enough to take the time to write SLOWLY to see if it actually works.

Here’s the link to it on Amazon if you want to check it out (disclosure: affiliate link)

My new obsession: Watercolor Monogram Crests

There’s a whole longer story to this, which I will write once I finally get this site launched, but for now, behold the thing I accidentally learned when I decided, two months ago, to just “update the look of Chic n’ Geek” real quick. I have seen these on Pinterest and oogled them but it never occurred to me that I’d be able to MAKE THEM MYSELF, seeing as I’m not an artist nor do I legit know how to do graphic design. Yet, here it is anyway–my first attempt at what has become my favorite thing ever lately.