Hi I’m Maggie McGary, and I’ve been tinkering with this site for seriously like 18 months now…here’s hoping I might ever get to the point of actually writing anything!

Photo of Maggie McGary

You may already know me from Mizz Information, where I blogged about social media, community management and random techie stuff for more than 14 years.

I started blogging because I love writing and also just wanted a place to express myself and a creative outlet. Personal blogging led to business blogging, which led to a career in social media and online community management starting back in 2008. A lot has changed over the past few years–for all of us, and for me personally and professionally. I wanted to keep writing/sharing, but wanted a fresh space to express my current self. Which led me back to Chic n’ Geek, a non-business blog I started in 2013 and kept up with until 2017.

In fall of 2020, I thought I should just restart Chic n’ Geek…but me being me, of course I wanted a newer, better look. What started as a “quick refresh” turned into a seemingly endless endeavor that sent me down about a billion rabbit holes along the way–learning graphic design, WordPress design/development, a random DIY and crafting phase, etc. Basically everything but actually, um, writing anything.

So here we are, me still obsessively tinkering with the site design part every time I decide I’m going to actually just log in and do what I set out to do in the first place: start writing again. Or if not writing, maybe sharing some of the insane number of items I’ve been curating while I wasted the rest of my time during COVID, online shopping.



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