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I made these!

Lest you think I’m braggy (ok, I’m bragging), I am NOT a graphic designer or an artist. I do, however, wish I were both/either–also an interior decorator–so whenever I do manage to create something cute I am SO EXCITED. And that’s just for digital designs–when I manage to create something cute IRL–aka crafts–you don’t even want to be around me because you’ll have to hear “did you know I MADE THIS?” about a billion times. I’ll share some of my crafts another time…once I figure out how to take halfway decent photos.

Like this, actually

Anyway, I actually have paid work to do (squee) but I had to share these cute cards I designed with someone other than my son, so–voila! When I have more time I’ll do a post about where I get the design elements I use to create stuff. I also plan to add a freebie section to this site so I can share stuff with anyone who happens to think any of my designs are as cute as I feel like they are. Like this desktop wallpaper that I also just made yesterday.

I don’t know why the files I download from Canva always look so crappy but 🤷‍♀️

Anyway, sorry (not sorry) for the random share but life is so much cuter now that I know how to use my procrastinating time/powers to design/create stuff. Speaking of which, I haven’t even mentioned the custom Pin it graphic I made…which possibly is a little extra but yolo.

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