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A Few Recent Favorite Things

I’ll start by saying that my LEAST favorite recent thing is the fact that I’ve literally spent the past 24 hours breaking this site and my new business website all because I am both overconfident in my WordPress abilities but also have imposter syndrome. Long story short–that’s what I get for using Google search and giving a shit about their core web vitals/speed thing even as they’re being sued by the DOJ. All I know is that I hate the internet right about now, but I’m at least going to salvage the time I wasted tinkering with stuff that was just fine until I got the bright idea of installing the Google Site Kit plugin and running the speed test thing, which then sent me down a…you guessed it…Google search to see how to fix what Google had me believing was practically a life-or-death issue, found a bunch of articles about various ways to speed up WordPress (of course sponsored/affiliate posts…which in my frenzy I just sort of put out of my mind). Anyway, long story short–I actually wrote a post yesterday that my lone subscriber, my mom (well, and me–I’m the second subscriber…don’t even get me started on the issues I’ve had with the subscriber thing that I still have to fix) got via email, but it’s now gone since I so royally messed up this site that I had to restore from a backup which basically lets you turn back time and it’s as if I never wrote that post to my WordPress database, which is just as well because it was about my techie troubles that are now gone with the rollback.

Clearly I need a new hobby!

Just rehashing the whole nerd disaster with myself has my blood pressure up but I WILL write a post if for no other reason than to try to salvage some part of this day, and to remind myself that um, I hardly EVER write anything here so I either need to just get over obsessing about the techie stuff and start writing or just shut the whole thing down if the sole purpose of this hobby is to stress myself out, never write anything and have nobody read when I do write anyway because I’m so inconsistent….not to mention sad-sacky. This was supposed to be my FUN blog where I shared cute stuff and wrote non-depressing stuff. Granted, to be able to write lighthearted “content” (I hate that word, even though it’s accurate) you have to have at least one foot grounded in life that takes place outside the confines of your house and head. I’m working on it!

Anyway, nothing like forced “light” “content”, amirite? Lucky for us all, there’s Instagram for that : )

Behold my new thrift find, that cute Cocker planter, my new coffee table, and all the stuff I was obsessively designing until my creative inspiration took a break. I’d write a post about my soon-to-be new hobby, the embroidery/sewing machine I got for Christmas, plus some cute clothes I’ve recently gotten now that I’m going out of my house into the world again, but I guess like 10 straight hours of staring at a screen is probably more than enough for one day.

I’m too lazy to individually add my recent Amazon faves to the widget right now but will do that soon, along with non-Amazon stuff–in the meantime, here’s the link to what I’m currently loving from Amazon recently.

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